How To Find Cheap Flights To Anywhere In The World

How To Find Cheap Flights To Anywhere In The World

Let’s be honest, most people have a favourite travel booking engine but just as many are still largely unfamiliar with how to find cheap flights to anywhere in the world. It’s true, there are many fantastic flight comparison websites out there but knowing how to use them is just as important as which one you choose.

But what does this mean exactly and what’s the best way to find the cheapest flights?

Well, it simply means that choosing the right website is the first of many steps you need to take to find cheap flights right now. As for the best way to find them, let’s take a closer look at the process:

How to Find Cheap Flights to Anywhere In The World

The truth is, this process can be as simple or as confusing as you make it. In other words, you can complicate the process by trying to ‘outsmart’ the airlines but finding cheap flights going to anywhere in the world requires little more than the right flight booking engine and some very straight forward steps.

Now, here are the main considerations you need to make before navigating the actual comparison website:

Knowing the Importance of Flexibility

The truth is that flexibility is usually the most important factor for finding cheap flights. For example, if you can fly midweek, the flights are most often priced much lower than on weekends. Similarly, if you can afford a little more time, you will often find itineraries with stopovers or connection which are always priced significantly lower than direct flights.

On the other hand, certain holidays or ‘unlucky’ days are especially cheap such as New Years Eve or Christmas Day. That being said, you should know that searching for options during a holiday period is not really the best way to find cheap flights. After all, demand and prices are likely to be higher at this time of year.

Removing Cookies and Using Alternative Web Browsers

Now, in case you might be asking yourself, ‘cookies’ are small pieces of data which websites can store on the computer of an online user. Simply put, these cookies were designed to remember key information in order to improve the overall user experience when the user returns to that same website.

As you may have guessed, booking engines take advantage of this system by increasing the price of a flight when the customer returns. In theory, this increase is likely to nurture a ‘fear of missing out’ and compel the user to purchase the flight as soon as possible.

With this in mind, you should always delete these cookies in the settings of your computer. Alternatively, you can opt for a different web browser such as Firefox, Safari or Chrome. Either way, you should never pay more than the initial price of these cheap flights – unless you left things to the last minute!

Choosing the Right Website for Cheap Flights

Let’s be honest, there is simply no good reason not to use a flight booking engine. While booking direct with an airline can sometimes offer flexibility in terms of changes, when was the last time you needed to make one?

More importantly, booking engines are the single best way to find cheap flights at anytime. What’s more, the search filters on comparison websites are incredibly convenient and make the prospect an awful lot faster than bouncing from one airline website to the next.

What is The Best Website to Find Cheap Flights to Anywhere? has all the same features and filters you might expect with a flight booking engine. However, the absence of pop-ups is quite a relief and aside from a very convenient booking process, this is considered by many as the home of cheap flights to any place in the world.

Last Minute Tips for Finding Cheap Flights 

Avoid Going Direct to the Airline

Taking your search directly to the airline website can result in less booking fees. However, this is sometimes more costly and certainly more time-consuming.

Try Making Your Booking Midweek

As you may know, many airlines release a large portion of their seats on a Tuesday. For this reason, you might want to perform your search for inexpensive flights to anywhere in the world on a Tuesday.

Consider Flying Via an Alternative Airport

Most cities have more than one major airport and the smallest of these will usually cater for cheap flights. For example, airlines servicing La Guardia Airport in New York are most often cheaper than JFK International Airport.

Follow Major Airlines on Social Media

Follow all the major airlines on social media and sign up to mailing lists for special offers. While many of these emails are useless, at some point you can be sure of finding great flight deals to anywhere in the world.

Choose the Right Booking Engine

The major booking engines are not always best for finding cheap flights to anywhere in the world. Also, the pop-ups and third party links are often frustrating. Choose a booking engine with an easy search facility and a reputation for finding the cheapest flights.


As you can see, there are certain things to keep in mind when searching for the best way to find cheap flights to anywhere in the world. While timing and flexibility are key, removing cookies and choosing the right booking engine are both just as important. With this in mind, it’s true, most people might be choosing the right places to look for these cheap flights but at the same time, they simply lack the simple tactics above to ensure they find the best deal.

Are there any other tips that we may have missed in finding flight deals?


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