5 Reasons Why You Should Fly Business Class For Your Next Trip

Nestled between economy class and first class is business class. It is an area often overlooked due to its luxury and expense. But business class isn’t just for business people and it doesn’t have to be as exclusive as you think. In fact, regular travellers can upgrade their seat for less than $100 – some cases – and improve their flight experience. Business class gives everyday travellers a different experience to economy and many top airlines offer a business class that rivals first class. For significantly less money, travellers can book business rather than first class and barely miss a beat.

So, why should you fly business class? Here are 5 reasons to book a business class ticket for your next trip.

Cost doesn’t have to break the bank

You may think that flying business class is incredibly expensive. Yet, many airlines offer business class tickets that are not much more than a regular economy priced booking in some instances.

The price of business class tickets vary from airline to airline. Some airlines offer business class for as little as a $50 difference between economy class seats. However, other airlines may sell their business class tickets for as much as $3,000 more than an economy ticket.

What factors dictate the price of a business class ticket? The most important factors that determine a business class ticket’s price are airline, length of the flight, and whether it is a domestic or international flight. According to research, the average business class ticket costs four times the price of an economy ticket. But that is just the average, and in some cases, the cost can be far less. It is always good to explore business class costs before booking an economy class or first class ticket.

Room to work and relax

Business travellers often need to work while in flight. It isn’t always about relaxing and eating gourmet meals while watching films. Business class travellers need space to put their laptops, papers, and other work items.

Economy class is so cramped, it is nearly impossible to place a laptop on the food tray and work. A business traveller will either be unable to complete their work or so uncomfortable doing the work that it is done poorly.

The space provided by business class gives you the chance to take out your laptop and adjust that vital presentation you created. Depending on the airline, the amount of legroom a traveller has in business class is between 36 inches and 78 inches. How much legroom do you have in economy? Just 31 inches to 35 inches.

It is practically first class

If you are an experienced first class traveller, then you may not realise you have been throwing your money away. There is a small difference between business class and first class on most major airlines. Of course, that does depend on the airline, but you can enjoy a very similar experience. Both classes often have similar lie-flat seats, screens, and meals. The first-class perks can still be slightly better, but often times, it isn’t as big a difference as you might think.

According to industry experts, the difference between business class and first class on most airlines is minimal. However, the jump from economy to business is massive. While the food, drink, and service in economy can be stingy, it is the opposite in business class.

Due to major airlines competing for business class passengers, many are offering great perks. This gives business class travellers an advantage over first class passengers who will book a first-class ticket regardless of the perks they receive.

Increase airline miles

Even if you fly just once a year, you should collect your airline miles. You can cash these in for various rewards, including free travel. Perhaps you can use them to upgrade to business or first class on a trip.

You can earn more miles by flying premium, and depending on the airline, you can greatly increase the rewards you earn. Airline insiders claim travellers can receive 125 percent in miles flown on a business class ticket. These points can add up quickly and give you a free trip to anywhere in the world.

Priority check-in and added luggage

Flying around the world can be exhausting. You have to arrive two to three hours before the flight and spend it in uncomfortable airports. Business class travellers have the benefit of priority check-in allowing them to bypass massive queues with economy travellers. Skipping these long lines can be a major benefit as the stress of queuing is alleviated from the day.

Some airlines offer business travellers priority screening and security. This will get you through the hassle of arriving at the airport and getting to the airplane.

In addition, there are airlines that allow business travellers more luggage. If you are going on a long vacation or extended business trip, this gives you the chance to take everything you need with you. There is nothing worse than flying to the other side of the world and being without important items you cannot buy once you arrive.

How do you find cheap business class tickets?

One of the ways to get a cheap business class ticket is to get an upgrade. By joining an airline’s loyalty program or signing up to its mailing list, you could receive a free upgrade. In addition, being a mailing list member allows you to receive exclusive promotions.

Competition between airlines is high currently when it comes to business class. Airlines know that business travellers can be swayed to buy a ticket if there is an interesting perk or an incentive. Major airlines offer sales, it is important to keep an eye on these promotions. You could snag a great business class ticket for nearly the price of an economy class seat.

Flying business class may not be as expensive as you believe. You could land a great premium seat and experience the best flight of your life. Business class doesn’t have to be expensive nor is it an elusive seating area you cannot afford. For your next trip, you should consider buying a business class seat.

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