How To Find Cheap Hotel Deals Anywhere In The World

How To Find Cheap Hotel Deals Anywhere In The World
How To Find Cheap Hotel Deals Anywhere In The World

Scoring cheap hotel deals anywhere in the world can make a holiday even better. Often times, it is the accommodation that is the most expensive part of a trip. Budget airlines make travel an easily affordable activity, but adding in expensive hotels can turn an exciting trip into something less than desirable.

Finding hotel discounted rates is an amazing way to land great accommodation for very little money. But those are not the only ways to get affordable accommodation for a holiday.

So, how do you save time and money when searching for a hotel or any other accommodations?

Here are some tips that will help you find cheap hotel anywhere in the world.

Sign up to travel booking sites for cheap hotel deals anywhere

One of the best tricks to receive hotel discounts and special hotel rates is to sign up to a travel booking website.

Industry leading hotel booking websites offer rewards programmes, membership programmes, and special email exclusive discounts. In addition, some booking websites may offer a special one-time offer when you initially sign up.

Use hotel comparison websites

Hotel comparison websites allow you to check for hotels quickly and to compare different accommodations. Prices can differ greatly between the booking websites or a hotel’s official website. You could nab a great, low-price deal by comparing different hotels in the same city.

There are a lot of hotel comparison websites out there, so try any and all you come across. In addition, be sure to see if there are any special offers that go with the best hotel deals offered such as free breakfast.

Call the hotel yourself

After using hotel comparison websites to narrow down your search, you should call the hotels with the cheapest deals and speak to them directly. A lot of great hotel discounts can be landed by phoning the hotel and asking them to beat the comparison website’s price.

Why would they beat the price? Because they must pay a fee to the booking website if you buy that deal. Hotels can be very accommodating if you speak to them over the phone.

Make use of free cancellation

This is an underhanded trick, but it can save you money on booking a hotel. Firstly, you must ensure you have the ability to cancel a hotel booking for free before continuing. If you do, then this is a great way to save some cash.

After making an initial hotel booking (ensuring you have free cancellation), watch to see if the prices for the same hotel drop prior to your stay. If they do, simply cancel the original booking and make a new booking at the same hotel. This is not a trick that will work with all hotels and you will need to stay on top of the price drops to time it just right.

Non-refundable rates

Some hotel search engines offer great hotel discounts if you book a non-refundable rate. Hotels do not want to refund guests who continually cancel their bookings. Therefore, they give discounts and favourable rates for non-refundable bookings. 

Bundle flights and hotels

You can score great last minute hotel deals anywhere by bundling flights and accommodation together. In fact, you could save a lot of money on both the flight and hotel if it is a last-minute booking.

Air fare experts claim it is foolish to book a last minute plane ticket before researching deals that can be bundled together. You may even be able to get a rental car for a cheap rate too. In the end, you could pay far less for a flight, hotel, and rental car than if you booked them separately.

Price promises

Before booking your next hotel, check to see if the booking website offers a price promise. A price promise means you will be refunded the difference if your original booking price falls. Some websites even give refunds if a comparable hotel offers a lower price.

Try to find hotels that offer price promises. There may not be a price drop in the end, but if there is, you can get that cash back and use it on your trip.

Know when to stay

Some websites give great accommodation deals depending on your length of stay.

Longer stays can often land you a great hotel discount. For example, a hotel may charge you for three nights when booking four.

In addition, most hotels in major cities offer cheaper rates during the middle of the week. Las Vegas, New York City, and London are three global cities in which prices skyrocket on the weekends. If you are going on holiday, try to avoid going on the weekend.

What is one of the best days of the week to stay in a hotel?

Of course, it is Sunday. Fridays and Saturdays are typically the busiest days for most hotels. But Sundays are the days travellers check out and head home. You can land a great hotel discount by staying over on a Sunday.

Travel during the shoulder season

What is shoulder season? It is the time between peak and off-peak season. This is the time period that is now often the cheapest time to travel.

A lot of travellers no longer travel during peak season as they expect off-peak to be better. But more and more people are travelling in off-peak season which limits some prices from lowering.

Shoulder season allows you to catch the best parts of the peak season, but at lower-prices. You will also avoid crowds during your holiday.

How To Find Cheap Hotel Deals Anywhere In The World

Do not be afraid to rent an apartment

A lot of travelers avoid renting apartments as they believe hotels are far nicer. That could not be farther from the truth. Renting an apartment is becoming one of the preferred accommodation choices for travelers thanks to their prices and the travel experience they offer.

Apartments allow you to have your own space, often larger than a hotel room, and the ability to cook your own meals. An apartment makes you feel like you live in the holiday destination. It is an experience that transports you into the city and culture when travelling.

Do you have any other tips that we have missed in getting cheap hotels deals anywhere? Or if you ready to start comparing hotel prices, click here.  

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